Payroll - 3 times a day - 9am, 1pm & 5pm

When you get on boom 97.3's PAYROLL PAYOUT, you’re making $100 AN HOUR!

Hearing your name on boom 973 is worth $100/hr! Here’s how it works: Sign up, listen for your name THREE TIMES a day weekdays at 9am, 1PM and 5pm, you have 10 minutes to call 416.870.0973 when you hear it and “boom”! $100/hr! The next time we call a name, they’ll have 10 minutes to call us back… if they don’t, the previous winner kicks back & collects $100/hr!

Don’t miss out on making $100/hr 3 TIMES A DAY with boom 973’s Payroll Payout, listen online, in your car or phone with our app – good luck!

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Payroll Payout

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Payroll Payout Winners Gallery

Previous Winners

March 2015 Winners

Wayne Hogg from Bolton is making $100/hr for 5 SHIFTS!
Darlene Hutt from Brampton is making $100/hr!
Nancy Phaneuf from Ajax is making $100/hr for 2 SHIFTS!