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  • Top 10 Pure Rock Songs

    Everyone has their own "best of" list when it comes to rock songs. This can be broken down into many different categories: best solos, best ballads, the list goes on. Read More
  • McCartney and Bonham team up

    Isn't the internet awesome? Not only can you access tons of information at the click of a mouse, but it's also paved the way for us to interact with our favorite celebrities like never before. Read More
  • John Tory joins Maie Pauts for Turntable Tuesday

    This afternoon John Tory came into the studio to chat with Maie Pauts to talk Vinyl, collecting vinyl, his first concert when he was 10 years old at Maple Leaf Gardens and play his favourite Fleetwood Mac song on boom 97.3's Turntable Tuesday Read More
  • Olivia Chow joins KJ for Turntable Tuesday

    Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow stopped by the boom 973 studios for Turntable Tuesday with some vinyl and some great memories. The politics were put to rest for 15 minutes while she reflected on the 70s 80s 90s music that took her back to a time with less stress and great music. Read More
  • Doug Ford joins Stu Jeffries for Turntable Tuesday

    This morning Doug Ford called Stu Jeffries to share some thoughts about his youth when he had a turntable and his favorite records. His choices seem to have a common thread, listen here… Read More
  • Vinyl sales highest since 1996

    Remember when cassettes came along and you thought vinyl was dead? Then CD's appeared and you knew for sure the final nail was in the coffin... Read More

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