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  • Toronto Argonauts' Chad Owens on Turntable Tuesday

    Toronto Argonauts' Chad Owens came into the studio to play his favourite tracks on vinyl and chat with Stu Jeffries! Read More
  • Angus Young: Schoolboy for Life!

    What's the most iconic thing about Angus Young? Tough call.
    Is it his instantly-recognizable guitar riffs and playing style?
    What about his ridiculous on-stage antics?
    Or maybe it's his schoolboy uniform he wears at every show he plays?

    What ever you decide, he's definitely a recognizable guitar player!
    There is however, a story behind the on-stage outfit. Let us fill you in!

    Angus was born the youngest of Margaret and William Young's seven children in Glasgow, Scotland. His family emigrated to Sydney, Austrlia when he was young where he breifly attended high school, before dropping out when he was 15. In Australia, Young formed a couple bands before forming AC/DC with older brother Malcolm. First there was Kantuckee, followed by Tantrum. None of the members from either band joined AC/DC after Tantrum disbanded.
    Despite what many people think, the schoolboy uniform wasn;t Young's first on-stage costume. He tried a couple before finally settling on the uniform, suggested by his sister. Previously, he had worn a Spider-Man costume, a gorilla suit, a Zorro outfit and a Superman costume he named 'Super-Ang'. Angus and the band began telling the press that he was born in 1959, instead of 1955, so that the outfit seemed more appropirate. Young has donned the outfit every show since, and the specific uniform that he wears is that of Ashfield Boy High School in Sydney, the school he attended before dropping out.
    Many bands today still wear planned outfits when they go on-stage, whether it one member or all of the members. Attire iss till huge in rock and roll and Angus YOung was the first to popularize wearing a school uniform on stage.

    Back to school means uniforms for some. Would you wear any past or present school uniforms on-stage?
    Read More

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