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  • Rockers Who Are Environmentally Conscious

    This year, the eighth annual Earth Hour is Saturday, March 28th. Now promoted in over 160 countries to bring awareness for climate change. Read More
  • Jobs Before They Were Stars

    Do you wake up every morning and dread going into work? Ever get jealous of famous rock and pop stars careers?  Well don’t because they once had crappy jobs too! Read More
  • Lorraine Segato on Turntable Tuesday

    Singer/Songwriter Lorraine Segato mostly notable from The Parachute Club joined Maie Pauts in the studio to chat vinyl, her upcoming projects and more! Read More
  • Pretty Woman Turns 25

    Romantic comedies come out each year, most of them tank at the box office and fade away into obscurity and into the bottom of the $5 DVD bin. Every once in a while there are a select few that stick around and become iconic. Read More
  • Banned Baby Names From Around the World

    Do you have kids, or are thinking of starting a family? One of the most challenging things for parents to be has to be picking the perfect name for their tiny human. After all, unless they change it when they get older your child will have that name for life. Read More
  • The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary

    Can you believe it? The Breakfast Club turns the BIG 3-0.  And in celebration of this John Hughes classic, the movie has been released on Blu-Ray and will be back in theatres Mar 21st - 25th. Check for details. Read More

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