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  • Bryan Adams Interview

    I had the pleasure of catching up with Bryan Adams a while back to talk about ‘Tracks of My Years’, his first studio album since ’11’ in 2008. This is a different direction for Bryan as the album is cover heavy. Adams gives us his take on the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, C...
  • Play the Ball Where it Lies, Laddy.

    Not sure on the ruling here. What happens when a bear shows up on the green, does a pole dance and walks away with your ball?  
  • Schooled By Dad....BIG TIME!!

    If it seems like you're ALWAYS shelling out money for your kids, you'll LOVE this.  A girl in Australia told her dad that if he could make a one-handed basketball shot over his shoulder, WITHOUT looking, he didn't have to give her any money for the rest of his LIFE. He shot the ball, and it was...
  • A 'Friends' Reunion! Jimmy Kimmel Style

    Many have tried to get the cast of 'Friends' to reunite and many have failed. Nobody told Jimmy Kimmel. :)  
  • Would You Eat Off of a Toronto Subway Platform?

    The senior brand manager for Bissell in Canada is selling vacuums old school. He recently took a steam cleaner to a Toronto subway platform, cleaned a portion of it, then ate pasta off the floor. I'm appalled YET...oddly fascinated.  
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