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  • Be Loud. Be Strong. Be United

    It's my job to entertain.  It's also my job as a human (who has been given a microphone) to voice my opinion on unsettling news that   full parole has been granted to convicted sex offender former Jr. Hockey coach Graham James.  What you are about to hear are my words, thoughts and vi...
  • Koalas Are Cute. Even When They Fight.

    Cute animals are the reason the internet was invented. With that in mind, here are two of the cutest animals ever. Koalas. They're fighting. And they're still cute.  
  • Bryan Adams Interview

    I had the pleasure of catching up with Bryan Adams a while back to talk about ‘Tracks of My Years’, his first studio album since ’11’ in 2008. This is a different direction for Bryan as the album is cover heavy. Adams gives us his take on the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, C...
  • Play the Ball Where it Lies, Laddy.

    Not sure on the ruling here. What happens when a bear shows up on the green, does a pole dance and walks away with your ball?  
  • Schooled By Dad....BIG TIME!!

    If it seems like you're ALWAYS shelling out money for your kids, you'll LOVE this.  A girl in Australia told her dad that if he could make a one-handed basketball shot over his shoulder, WITHOUT looking, he didn't have to give her any money for the rest of his LIFE. He shot the ball, and it was...
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