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  • Fireworks. From the INSIDE.

    This is why God invented remote controlled helicopters. Some genius strapped a camera to one of those bad boys and took a tour of a fireworks display. It is, as you would expect, awesome.  
  • The Toughest Job In the World

    With Mother's Day coming up, this video hits home. It's an ad for a greeting card company and it plays out perfectly. It's a guy interviewing people for a fake job, which requires 135 hours a week on your feet, with no breaks.  And it pays nothing.  So obviously no one's interested.  ...
  • Finally! An Interesting Pre-Flight Announcement

    I've flown Southwest Airlines before and it was a miserable experience. It would've been made moderately better if this woman was doing the pre-flight announcements.  
  • Always Say '(EFF) You'???

    A lot of kids say swear words by mistake while they're learning to talk.  Little Lloyd is working on 'thank you'. It's, uh, coming along.
  • Darth Vader...Pooh Style!

    The voice actor who does Winnie the Pooh was at a video game convention last year, and read dialogue from Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" . . . but in the voice of Pooh. The Jedi Council says, 'It's awesome!'
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