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  • Would You Eat Off of a Toronto Subway Platform?

    The senior brand manager for Bissell in Canada is selling vacuums old school. He recently took a steam cleaner to a Toronto subway platform, cleaned a portion of it, then ate pasta off the floor. I'm appalled YET...oddly fascinated.  
  • Stu and Steely Dan: Go Back, Chat, Do It Again...

    Reelin' In The Years Do It Again Peg Rikki Don't Lose That Number Hey 19 Just a few of some awesome tunes I've had the luxury of playing in my radio years.  I've also had the good fortune to interview many of the biggest names in music and these guys certainly qualify.  Steely Dan! They'll...
  • Dave Grohl's AWESOME Ice Bucket Challenge

    If you thought Charlie Sheen's Ice Bucket Challenge video was clever, wait until you see this.   Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters tapped into his inner 'Carrie' and came up with this brilliant video. Over to you, Stephen King!  
  • Ice Bucket Fails

    Thousands of "Ice Bucket Challenge" videos have been posted including those from a few hundred celebrities.  But this is one of the funniest ones you'll see.
  • When A Shark Chomps On Your Leg....

    ....it probably looks like this. Researchers put a bunch of cameras on a remote device to follow the habits of sharks. The coolest thing to come out of this experiment? When the shark starts chowing down on the camera. Imagine it's your leg... Now SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE!!!  
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