Behind The Vinyl: Magic Power - Mike Levine from Triumph

Mike Levine from Triumph, came into the studios to play "Magic Power" on vinyl and tell us how the song came to be!

boom 97.3 presents a feature called "Behind The Vinyl". Where artists sit down and discuss their hit songs and how they came to be while listening to the song on vinyl.  

Mike Levine, bassist and keyboardist for Triumph, came by the boom 97.3 studios to play "Magic Power" on vinyl! Mike talks about the making of the remastered version of the "Allied Forces" album, the struggle with making "Magic Power" and playing the song in concert!  Watch as Mike goes Behind The Vinyl!

You can buy Triumph's "Allied Forces" album on iTunes here or check out your local Vinyl Record Store and pick up the album.

Triumph "Magic Power" LIVE