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Remembering Prince

A look back at the Prince of Funk

Kings and Queens, and Dukes and Earls, and Princes and Princesses.

Many titles have been bestowed upon musical legends.

Elvis; The King of Rock n Roll

Michael Jackson; The King of Pop.

Madonna; The Queen of Pop.

Aretha Franklin; The Queen of Soul.

B.B. King; The King of the Blues.

Benny Goodman; The King of Swing.

Ozzy Osbourne; The Prince of Darkness.

However, we, the masses and the media gave these artists their titles.

ENTER PRINCE! A manifest destiny of musical nobility.   

Prince at birth, as seen on his birth certificate, PRINCE Roger Nelson, June 7, 1958.

We are grateful for the music and the ideas he shared and left behind.  


Not many parents name a new baby boy, PRINCE.

It is for sure a difficult title to adjust to, but this mononym like Cher, or Madonna, or Elvis, or Elton, is what we all would know him as.

Starting in 1978, with a now difficult to find album titled For You, it was impossible to gamble on what was to become.  

That album was released and pulled off shelves all in a month.

A year later the 20 year old young man released an album simply titled PRINCE, and though not immediate, the singles contained within ( I Wanna Be Your Lover, and Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?) did give the industry, and the listening public pause for thought that something big could come forth.  

The next three efforts from the still called PRINCE were Dirty Mind, ( 1980 ) 

Controversy, ( 1981 ) and 1999, ( 1982 ) and what came out of those three efforts was a prominence for sexual lyrics and the linkage of funk and rock and dance and pop, the likes of which had not been recorded before.  

It was in effect a totally new sound and the master of it was now clearly and purely the PRINCE.

In 1984, the royal effort was, Purple Rain!
It was the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, headlining himself. Masterful.  What a platform to elevate one's self!  Write a movie, star yourself and write the score!

Heady days then began and befell our sweet PRINCE.



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First it was, changing his name to The Purple One and then simply to an unpronounceable symbol, and then to Joey Coco, and then to: "the artist formerly Known as Prince", and to the acronym of TAFKAP, and then back to PRINCE.

Rock and Roll plays strange things with a talented mind, and talented he is!

Rolling Stone Magazine ranks him as # 29 of all time influential artists.

On his fireplace mantle sits seven Grammy awards, and an Academy award in the middle of those.

His nominations alone (33 and counting), would have any artist touting that as their benchmark.


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The PRINCELY ONE has been romantically linked with a Who's Who of female musical celebrities.  

Sinead O'Connor, Madonna, Sheila E, Anna Fantastic, and movie stars too. including Vanity, Susanna Hoffs and Kim Bassinger.

He did though settle down to marry a back - up singer in his band, the beautiful Mayte Garcia, and they produced a sweet son whom they named Boy Gregory. However, the child did unfortunately die only six days after birth from complications with Pfeiffer Syndrome.



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Rock and Roll is not what it seems.  

It has as many or more pitfalls and perils than we normal folk care to imagine 

In 2001 PRINCE became a member of the Jehova's Witnesses. And yes, he has on occasion knocked on unsolicited doors seeking other members or contributions.

In 2005 it was rumoured he refused a hip transplant because the operation could not be accomplished without a blood transfusion and his belief goes against any blood admitted into the body from a foreign source. Ergo, it was not performed.  

It is thought to be acknowledged, that he "looked perfectly agile" in 2010 while performing in NYC.

He is a strict Vegan.  

He has spoken openly about his views on cruelty towards animals for food production.

In 2014 it was rumoured he was going to play an impromptu gig at the famed Massey Hall in Toronto, causing people to line up all down Shuter Street, and around the corner were hundreds more stretching far south on Yonge for 17 hours in the cold and damp.  

I went down to interview that crowd, and I was convinced by the sheer exuberance that it was going to happen!

In the end, it was a false report, and the good PRINCE apologized for the inconvenience, though he had nothing to do with the rumour mill. He was in New Jersey at a friend’s house, and knew nothing of the frenzy.

He did own a home in the exquisite and exclusive Bridle Path in Toronto. Entry Fee in that enclave?  $12 million.


Already so much love and respect displayed on our memory wall 💜 #boomTotallyPrince #thephoenix #toronto

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Sadly on April 21st, 2016 we lost Prince tragically due to a fentanyl overdose at his Paisley Park Recording Studio.  He was 57 years old.

Elvis is the KING

Madonna is the QUEEN


Tim Duffey writes the ABC's of boom.
Contact him at, borderware99@gmail.com

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