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First Draft of "The Breakfast Club" Screenplay Found

Discovery made as film celebrates it's 30th anniversary.

Ever find anything you thought was long gone during a move? A Chicago area school may have found one of the coolest pieces of 80's film history ever!

Maine North High School was in the middle of a move when someone going through a filing cabinet came across John Hughes first draft of the iconic 80's classic. Why was this found there you might ask? Most of the movie was filmed in that school. Since it's closing in 1981 the facility has served as the school districts' offices. It was common practise to have filming scripts approved by board superintendents while using their property. Along with The Breakfast Club, the school was also used in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

But were there any major differences from this script to the final product?

"How close the manuscript is to the final script and the completed film would only be known by real "Breakfast Club" aficionados who had a chance to review it line by line and compare. But just looking at the first few pages shows one obvious difference between the first draft and the final product: the name of Molly Ringwald's character was originally Cathy Douglas, not Claire Standish. Correspondence between movie studio executives and district officials also shows that an early title considered for the film was "Saturday Breakfast Club." There is also a final letter to Universal Studios' unit production manager from Donald Stillwaugh, former coordinator of purchasing and facilities for District 207.
"We close with nothing but the fondest thoughts and memories of Universal Studios and 'The Breakfast Club,'" Stillwaugh wrote. "We trust the film will be a huge success."
As it turned out, it was."

Click here to read the full article from the Chicago Tribune

boom 973 wondered what The Breakfast Club would sound like if The Muppets were cast...

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